Literature - Essays

Seran Dipity, A New? Art Form

The WWT adopts a new painting technique.

Losing Weight the Easy Way

The WWT gives his philosophy on losing weight..

The Insanity of Flying Business Class

An analysis on why flying business class is insane.

Little Artist on the Train

A critique of paintings of me by others and myself.

Portraits and Self Portraits

A critique of paintings of me by others and myself.

Watercolor, Trees, Skies & People

Using watercolor to discover beauty and record it.

Astral Travel

Learning to use and experience lucid dreaming.

A Very Nice Compliment

When an artist chooses to sketch another artist vs. the nude model.

No Country for Old Men

A missed opportunity.

No Another Helping of Beans

Meals from the 1940s

Special Report from Christy's -

December 17, 2154

Holography, Art, Science

A new course to be offered at the Advanced Technology and Education Park

The TED Filter

Trolinger's Expectations & Desires


Universally Spoken English

Transforming "Whatever is Available is Necessary" into the Orthogonal Statement "Whatever is Necessary is Available"

An important life milestone based on a lecture to the graduating class of UTSI 1998

The Secret to Health

My path to finding the answer.

Immeasurable Factors in the Success of a Company

Theories to the success of MetroLaser.







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Stories for My Grandchildren

Stories about my life to be preserved for future generations....more


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