Mystical and Strange Experiences and Insights

Mystical Day at Angel Stadium

Mystical experiences in the presence of President Obama

Mystical Experience in Nürtingen, Germany

Painting a Future Dinner Destination

Mystical Experience with GPS Lady

A serendipitous twist of fate with the GPS lady in charge

Mystical Experience in Venice

Painting from the perspective of John Singer Sargent

Mystical Experience in Suffolk, England

A Message from John Constable

Mystical Experience in Bolten Le Sand, England

A Psychic Experience

Mystical Experience in Cambridge, England

Where Newton and Hawking cross paths

Mystical Experience 30,000 Feet Over the Atlantic

The stranger you sit next to on an airplane may surprise you!

Miracle in Ward B

Miracle or coincidence - meditation, tumors, and enlightment

Mystical Experience in Barcelona, Spain

Mystical Surprise in the Old Gothic Quarter of Barcelona

Mystical Experience in Rome, Italy

Discovering "paint the painting and not the scene."

Mystical Time Warp in Salt Lake City, Utah

A Reenactment at Promentory Point

Painting Femscape 2

Painting Nudes & Gratitude for Age

Mystic Grandson

Kaleb Discovers the Force

The Enchanted Garden

Faces in the Flowers

Time Warp in Davos

A 40 year mystical experience

The Cost of an Italian Meal

A consistent cost

A Message from the Universe

Newton's Second Law of Motion