World's Worst Tourist Toolbox

My toolbox consists of principles that I have collected and wish to share. These principles encompass everything from language to maneuvering in particularly unusual circumstances. In the Cultural Observations section I discuss the differences that can trip up the savviest of travelers when confronted with a different culture from one's own. In the Rules of Travel section, I have developed a set of acronyms that I use in all of my travels. For example, who could do without MacD FP, also known as McDonalds Free Pee. In the final section, Tools, I share with you items that I consider "must haves" when traveling.

If you have experiences that you'd like to share, please let me know. We can all learn from one another.



Cultural Observations

How understanding cultures can enhance your travel experience
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Rules of Travel

Acronyms I've developed for use throughout my travels.... More


Tools I consider indispensable for WWT type of travel.....More