Meet the WWWT - Wife of the World's Worst Tourist


Photography and writing are two of Pauline’s many skills, and she has kept journals of travels and life for many years. On some of our travels together, especially where I was tied up in technical meetings, I have persuaded her to publish her writing on the WWT page as the WWWT (wife of the World’s Worst Tourist). I could have guessed what would happen next. She writes so well that she quickly developed an audience of her own and readers asked for more.  Her writings, stories, poems, and pictures deserve their own place in the WWT site, so this special section will contain Pauline’s take on the world.

Africa -2008

Ten Highlights of the Travelquest Silk Road Tour China - 2008

The WWWT Flies the Atlantic on August 10, 2006 (day of terror high terror alert)

Houston - No Problem - 2008

Venice - 2006

Freiburg, Germany - 2004

Japan -2002