Dr. Peter de Groot Holoknighted* Sir Peter the Great of Middlefield

Heidelberg, Germany, July 27, 2016

Reigning Holoknight, Cavaliere Pietro Ferraro, knighted Dr. Peter de Groot with the title Cavaliere Peter the Great of Middlefield in a knighting service conducted on 27 July, 2016 at Gaststatte Essighaus in  Heidelberg, Germany.  The service was held in conjunction with the meeting of the Optical Society of America Imaging and Applied Optics Congress and was attended by 17 participants in the congress.

Sir Peter de Groot is currently the Executive Director of R&D for metrology products at ZYGO Middlefield, and heads an R&D Team comprised of 7 PhD scientists, focus ed on the invention and concept demonstration of new optical instrument products and product enhancement.

Sir Pietro knights Sir Peter with the traditional touch of the sword. The sword was then given to Sir Peter as his own with the parchment signed by the four holoknights in attendance. Sir Peter is now charged with selecting the next Holoknight for 2017.

Seventeen OSA Participants and family attended the holoknight service, which had been arranged by Wolfgang of Berlin. Four holoknights attended the service, Pietro of Napoli, Wolfgang of Berlin, Malgorzata of Warsaw and Jim of California.

Five Holoknights in Heidelberg

The Hologram Corner-Holoknights met the evening before the service for fellowship and to examine the sword and sign the parchment provided by Pietro de Napoli.

Holoknights use a wall mirror to record the event.              Pietro de Napoli signs the parchment


A great sword cast from the famous Toledo steel and laser engraved.

We welcome Sir Peter to our brotherhood.

* The International Order of Holoknights was founded in 1988 by Dr Hans Rottenkolber. Each year the most recently knighted chooses the next one and conducts a knighting service in which a sword and parchment are presented to the new Holoknight. Holoknight selection is based on one’s international recognition as a leader in the field of coherent optics, reputation as a gracious host, and promoter of international friendship.  There are currently 26 Holoknights from twelve different countries with 24 living.