Byoungho of Seoul-Holoknight 2014

July 15, 2014 in Seattle/WA,


Sir Byoungho Lee (Byoungho of Seoul) became the newest holoknight 2014 in a special knighting service in Seattle, Washington on July 15, 2014. Jim of Arizona knighted and awarded him with the sword, the parchment and the title.  The service was held in at a special dinner, which was attended by 17 well known colleagues and friends from the optics community. Three Holoknights were present to authenticate the knighthood, Jim of Arizona, Nadya of St. Petersburg, and Wolfgang of Berlin. Sir Byoungho is a professor at the Seoul National University.

The dinner

Jim of Arizona announces the new Holoknight selection, while Nadya of St. Petersburg holds the sword


Jim of Arizona reads the proclamation

Jim of Arizona knights and pronounces Byoungho Lee from now on to carry the title, Byoungho of Seoul

Sir Byoungho Lee accepts his new duties as a Holoknight and title, Byoungho of Seoul

Sir Byoungho Lee with his new sword and parchment

Pictures provided by Sirs Wolfgang Osten and Byoungho Lee